Coupon organizers at hobby lobby

Using a small check organizer file, I labeled sections with titles such as: There is even a section for entertainment bowling, mini golf, movies. We keep this file in our car along with my grocery coupon file so we remember to use them before their expiration dates. By Deb from Manchester, PA. This suggestion is about received email coupons for restaurants and grocery stores. To keep better track of which to use up first due to expiration dates, I forward them to my email addy with the name of the restaurant and the expiration date in the subject bar.

When I find a coupon that I'd like to use, I put it with my grocery list that I keep clipped to the refrigerator until I'm ready to head to the store. I remember to use it when it's with my list that I check as I walk through the store to find my groceries. I purchased a small photo album that holds 3x5 inch photos.

I use the clear double sided photo holders to place and organize my coupons so it's easy to thumb through at the store and goes easily in my purse. I was having a hard time keeping up with my coupons. So a friend of mine bought me a binder for my birthday, and I bought a pack of baseball card holder sleeves and a pack of dividers. On the rare occasions we eat out, I usually only remember to look for restaurant coupons when we are leaving. Since the coupons were not readily accessible, we failed to take advantage of them and let the coupons expire. I have a vinyl coupon sorter that is divided into categories Grocery, Target, etc.

Instead of organizing your coupons by item, organize buy the aisle the item is found on. That way when you have a coupon you want to use, you don't have to go looking up and down the store looking for the item. This tip is for organizing store rainchecks and coupons. I try to get rainchecks each time I visit the grocery store, so I may purchase these out of stock products at my convenience, and maybe I have also found coupons by then.

Everyone likes to save money, especially since a large portion of our earnings go toward bills. There are many ways to cut back and ensure we have a little extra to live off of.

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Ad Two methods I utilize include couponing and store reward programs. I keep a coupon organizer in my car just for non-grocery coupons. I have fast food, nice restaurants, clothes, and other misc.

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That way when I am out and about, I always have my coupons close at hand, if we decide to stop for a meal or something. Finding the coupons by categories as they are set up in the little folders one can purchase caused too much fumbling and wasting of time as I was trying to find coupons for items that were on sale.

I solved the problem by turning the section dividers around and changing them to alphabetical dividers with a felt-tip pen. On Sunday night, take out your store fliers from the newspaper to check for sales. Take an envelope and write on the back which products that you want, the size and the price.

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I stocked up on hair color and a toilet cleaning system and refills early this year when I had coupons, and they were on sale. On Sunday, cut out coupons from the paper and file them in a box for 3x5 inch index cards. You can bring this with you each time you go grocery shopping.

Ad Then if you see something on clearance, you have a coupon for. I receive many of my coupons through my email and digitally. However, several fast food establishments and restaurants still mail out paper savings flyers. To be honest, I have missed some great deals because I could not find the right coupon when I needed it.

To remedy this, I decided to organize my deals in a small expanding coupon file. I think it's safe to say that most of us have, at some point or another, purchased an expensive time-keeping system such as a Day Timers. After the year runs out, we often store these on some shelf because we can't bear to part with the investment. I do not use many coupons. However, the ones I do keep, I kept forgetting when I went to the store. I found a way to help me. I simply tape the coupon on the item in the cupboard.

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This is quite possibly my favorite Hobby Lobby Savings Hack of all time. If you HAVE to buy it now, go ahead and buy it. Note that this policy does not apply to clearance and you have 14 days from the date of purchase to receive your adjustment.


Just think: Make sense? While clearance can be scattered throughout the store, there should always be at least one main area for deep, deep discounts. Check to see how many clearance tags there are. The more the merrier! On truck day employees will be hustling to get all of that product on the shelves and the store will be busy. I like to take my time, so I go on the day after they get truck if possible. My favorite time to shop Hobby Lobby is at 9: Only go on a Saturday afternoon if you absolutely have to. Two things that I always, always, always buy at Hobby Lobby? Poster board and tissue paper.

Also, the value on the tissue paper is insane especially when you use a coupon! Get the super fancy wood-like poster board to use as a backdrop for your craft photos! Get 5 points for every dollar spent at Hobby Lobby am I the only one thinking cha-ching here!!? Be sure to look for that when you join. Since I am also passionate about personal finance and credit score health, I feel the need to recommend paying off the balance in full each month. More on that here.

See your local store manager in regard to obtaining this discount. I have heard though not tried myself that this works for organizations such as Boy and Girl Scouts as well! Twice a year Hobby Lobby does massive clearance in Home Accents. Jump on it. Need green ribbon? Do you sew? Which is why it gets its own number in the list. Do you sell your handmade wares? Because makers and crafters are always looking months ahead — whether for craft fairs or gifts etc — Christmas set-ups hit the floor as early as May.

Clearance starts shortly after or even before!