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It is an experiment in collective creativity that pushed all of them to transcend their individuality and create something together which is greater than the sum of its parts. The songs were tracked live in a house where the band ate, slept, and played together.

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Often the songs were recorded without implementing a click track. They were intent on finding and locking into a human groove — one open to imperfection - while still maintaining a tightness between them. They wanted to make the songs feel alive — as if the listener were present in the room with them in the moment of creation. There is a tension in the first bars that ties us to earth, a minimal riff that guides us to the first chorus where we feel we are slowly lifting into the air — and by the time we reach the second chorus it has exploded into a space far away from the planet's gravitational pull.

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The band's use of juxtaposition is not just a way of channeling a vast library of musical genres and concepts, it is a means of expression. Combining tender pop melodies with kraut-beats, disco grooves and psychedelia frees the band from any one sound and creates a genre all its own.

The cover art, created by the band's own Lucas Ufo, invites us into a room in the shape of a human skull. The record plays a lot with this idea of perception.